New IoT Devices

9 Iot Devices That Can Make Your Home Smarter

Control Various Smart Home Devices

Perhaps you’re busy cooking dinner and want to hear the latest news or listen to some music. All you have to do is to ask Alexa — Amazon’s virtual voice assistant. It works with the Amazon Echo, a Bluetooth speaker, that’s probably the most recognizable name in the space.

It acts as a central hub that allows you to control many of the smart gadgets in your home simply by using your voice. Use Echo Dot to connect to your favorite speaker and Echo Spot or Echo Show if you want a touchscreen to make video calls or see search results.

Clean Your Home

Hate cleaning? Now you can get a robot vacuum to help stay on top of the mess. Some of them are quite extensive, with interactive cleaning maps, laser navigation, intuitive apps, excellent battery life and superior cleaning ability.

Roomba is a series of iRobot vacuum cleaners that have been on the market since 2002 and iRobot launched several new models earlier this year. While expensive and not without their drawbacks, robot vacuums can help get in those hard-to-reach places and cut down on the amount of time you spend dragging a vacuum around the house.