10 Genius iPhone Hacks You May Not Know About

Customize Your Vibration Patterns

You can change the vibration patterns and intensity of your iPhone. Go to “Settings” and select “Vibration” (it is in a default mode until you change it). From there you can see different types of vibration patterns. If you want to change the vibration, press “Create New Vibration.”

You can personalize different vibration patterns for your contacts. This allows you to know who is contacting you without looking at your iPhone.

Smart Invert Option

Smart Invert allows the phone to invert colors for UI Elements, and will turn your phone into dark mode. Here’s how to do it: in “Accessibility” go to “Display Accommodations” and press “Invert Colors.” There you go, you won’t have a typical white background anymore!

Prevent Your iPhone from Tracking You

Did you know that your iPhone can be tracked? Not only iPhones, but all smartphones. iPhones keep a detailed log, and list your locations through maps. Of course, nobody wants to be tracked, but it’s becoming very common with tech gadgets.

To stop your iPhone from tracking you, navigate over the privacy options and tap “Turn Off Location Services.” If you want to delete the records of your past destination, delete the location history and turn off the location setting.

Create PDFs with Safari

This is a new option in Safari called Markup as PDF. The current page will be converted and will let you add markups using the screenshot tool. You can use this shortcut to convert pages to PDF; then, tap the “Share” button and send it to a specific application or contact. This is a much faster than the convoluted option in iOS 10. This works on both iPhones and iPads.