Ready to Give Virtual Reality a Try? Here are 10 of the Best Games to Play

A Whole New World

The era of Virtual Reality is here, and like it or not, it’s not going to disappear. In the past few years, we have seen video game companies release their versions of VR games. The graphics might not be that good, but the game content is solid.

We’ve made a list of the 10 best VR games that you can currently get.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty? This game is perfect for fans. You get to put yourself in their world and solve puzzles by combining objects in this adventure game. It’s a great game for die-hard Rick and Morty fans, but even if you’re not into the show, you’ll still have fun.


Remember playing DOOM when you were a kid? With today’s technology this game just got modernized the best way. This fast-paced shooter is definitely the best shooter game available for VR right now. Who would have thought that this fast-paced game would ever make a comeback?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Playstation Exclusive)

One of the best horror games for Playstation is now playable in VR. This is the first Resident Evil game that is available on VR. You’ll play the game as Ethan Winters, and be tasked to find your wife who has been missing for three years in a creaky old deserted house.

Forget about run and gun type of gameplay, because Capcom just made this from their original roots, which makes it a survival type of game. From jump scares to terrifying monsters, this game is perfect for playing in VR.

Fallout 4 VR (HTC Vive Exclusive)

The award-winning, legendary, post-apocalyptic game made by Bethesda Game Studios is now available in VR. After promoting Fallout 4 VR as a full game means that this won’t be a type of add-on or a mini-game. Everything you love about the original game is accessible in VR, from awesome gunplay, a thrilling storyline, and crafting.

You’ll play through the game by using the Vive and motion controllers in your hands, which makes for an all-new Fallout experience.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One

In this game, based on the Star Wars: Rogue One movie, you play as a rebel pilot and master the secrets of space combat in a fully immersive virtual world. If you are a huge fan of Star Wars, this game is perfect for you. From dog-fighting through the far depths of space to sitting inside an X wing, it is the best way to play any Star Wars game.

Raw Data (HTC Vive Exclusive)

With so many VR games to choose from, Raw Data is definitely one you should try. This sci-fi, first-person game puts you up against waves of robots in a controlled environment. Raw Data offers more than choosing different types of heroes to battle against different types of robots. It also allows you interact with other gamers and play PVP as well.

A PvP, VR sci-fi game? Who wouldn’t love that?

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files (HTC Vive Exclusive)

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files places you in the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps as you use your intelligence to solve crimes, conspiracies, and plots. The cool part? Content in the game was inspired by real cases that happened in Los Angeles in 1947! Those childhood fantasies of being a detective are now over. What are you waiting for?

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous brings gamers into an open world adventure with a connected galaxy. You get to travel through space by trading and battling with other players. If you are looking for a multiplayer sci-fi adventure in VR, this game is for you. Start your space exploration now and meet other players who have the same goals as you.

Farpoint (PSVR Exclusive)

Farpoint is a first-person shooter, and is the perfect fit for VR technology. This game is set on a hostile alien planet. Your mission is to pick up scientists studying an anomaly, however, a rupture sends you to an unknown alien world.

The story length is only about 5 hours long, but you can make that up by playing a two player online co-op, and set challenge levels made for the users to compete for high scores.

Sports Bar VR (HTC Vive Exclusive)

Do you want to play pool with your friends, but you’re too lazy to get out of your house? Good news: Sports Bar VR gives you a full bar experience from the comfort of your home! There are a lot of games to choose from other than billiards, too.

You can play darts, shuffleboard, and a whole lot more. Sports Bar VR can be played solo, or with up to eight people. Let’s thank Cherry Pop Games for giving us the whole bar experience on this game.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to compete with your friends!