Simulated Environment, Real Fun: What to Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality 101

The future of simulating different types of reality is coming. With the use of Virtual Reality (VR), we can trick our brains into thinking we are in a different world.

VR is a simulated environment created by the use of computer technology. Unlike other user interfaces we’ve experienced, VR allows users to have an experience in the simulated 3D world by using as many senses as possible. However, the simulation has its limits due to computing power that is available at the moment.

This technology can be used if you have a component called a Head-Mounting-Display (HMD). These are manufactured by brands such as Samsung, HTC, and Google. However, some companies are using a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), which is a room made up of monitors and sensors that lets the user get a better experience in the simulated reality.

The Difference Between Traditional Games and Virtual Reality

Every year the video game industry evolves by improving their interface, graphics, and user experience. VR allows gamers to have more feel for the game they are playing. It also allows gamers to be more engaged because VR tricks the brain by showing a different version of what’s in front of them.

This is different from traditional video games, where a gamer would only look at a screen while playing.

Why Is VR Becoming Popular?

We can see the rise of VR over the last three years. Why is it getting more popular? Remember when we were kids, we used to imagine ourselves in a different world, drawing bubbles out of thin air, or even becoming a Jedi. 10 years ago, that was not possible, it was just a dream, but now we can make our dreams a reality.

VR gives us this opportunity. It also gives us a chance to experience the creativity that game developers put into their games. For example, if you want to be a ninja, you can play a VR game and experience life as a ninja, thanks to the game developers who brought the game to life.

The safety aspects of VR is another reason why it is getting more popular. More theme parks are using it as an attraction. Instead of putting someone on a real-life rollercoaster, they just use VR headsets to give a the same experience. With this method, it is cheaper, and helps ensure safety.

Playing VR Games

Video games often require a console or a computer to play, but with VR you need a virtual reality kit. A VR headset is a device that resembles goggles. A higher quality headset will ensure better performance when playing games.

All VR headsets need to have good quality headphones, and a pair of hand controllers that let you enhance your experience. Some VR games require a treadmill to allow the character to move, but since we are still in the early stages, most games just require a headset, headphones, and motion controllers.

There are a lot of different brands that now offer VR kits, but always remember: higher quality equals high performance.

Weigh Your Options

There are different options for playing VR games. Whether you’re going play on your phone, computer, or a console, you will need certain equipment. Either way, you’ll have some fun!

If you will use your phone, all you need is a phone-based headset. No extra wires and controllers are needed. Just download the right apps, insert your phone into the headset, and you’re good to go. Phone-based headsets are much cheaper than headsets that are used for computers.

Graphics-wise it is not that great, but if you are just looking for some VR experience, this is your cheapest option.

If you want to play VR games on your computer or video game console you will need flagship VR headsets. Brands like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR are the best. Oculus and HTC have sensors that track your movement, and with OLED panels for each eye with 1080*1200 resolution, this is the best VR Headset you can get right now.

PS VR doesn’t have that great of a resolution, but when it comes to games, it has more to offer than Oculus or HTC.