Robot vacuum cleaner going by couch

10 Iot Devices That Can Make Your Home Smarter

Control Various Smart Home Devices

With devices such as the Google Nest Hub Max and Echo Show, consumers can control the vast majority of their smart devices all from a single device. That’s convenience that cannot be beaten.

Both the Google Nest Hub Max and Echo Show are compatible with thousands of smart devices, and this number is sure to keep increasing as we get deeper into the Digital Age.

Both devices act as central hubs that allow you to control many of the smart gadgets in your home simply by using your voice. You can’t go wrong with either one, but Android and technology neophytes are likely better off with Google Nest Hub. If you’re an active Amazon Prime user, the Echo Show is your best bet.

Clean Your Home

Hate cleaning? Now you can get a robot vacuum to help stay on top of the mess. Some of them are quite extensive, with interactive cleaning maps, laser navigation, intuitive apps, excellent battery life and superior cleaning ability.

Roomba is a series of iRobot vacuum cleaners that have been on the market since 2002 and iRobot launched several new models earlier this year. While expensive and not without their drawbacks, robot vacuums can help get in those hard-to-reach places and cut down on the amount of time you spend dragging a vacuum around the house. If you’re a dog owner with a breed that sheds a lot, you will definitely appreciate this.

If you have kids who leave small toys lying around, just remember that robot vacuum cleaners don’t have the ability to discriminate between Legos and dirt. They’ll suck up those toys along with anything else you may have accidentally dropped on the floor like hair clips and screws.