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Don’t Overlook the PC Gaming World: 10 of the Best Games on Steam

Subnautica ($24.99)

Subnautica is a survival game set in the depths of the ocean on an alien world. It gives a unique twist that is captivating to watch while you solve its interconnected challenges. You'll explore reefs, dangerous trenches, and everything in the seabed while maintaining your oxygen supply. Not to mention there's an entire ecosystem of alien marine life to contend with.

All you need to do is save that precious oxygen supply and you'll live, but remember: in every survival game the best materials lie in the most dangerous areas.

Grand Theft Auto 5 ($59.99)

We all know what Grand Theft Auto brings us. You can live a normal life by following rules, buying your own car, and respecting other people, but we know that it will make the game boring. GTA V enables us to play three characters, each with a different type of personality, and do the things we all know and love in a GTA game.

Not only that, we can now perform heists via online mode with our friends, or do some racing, perform stunts, and add mods. GTA V on PC also features first-person mode, which gives you a chance to explore Los Santos and Blaine County in an entirely new way.

Divinity Original Sin 2 ($49.99)

Divinity Original Sin is one of the most accomplished RPGs of all time. This game takes place in an enchanted fantasy world and has a deep, complicated combat model with a great storyline. Divinity Original Sin 2 enables players to play online co-op, split screen, tactical combat, create custom avatars, and mix and match countless skills.

If you are looking for an RPG game on PC, this is a must-have.

Inside ($19.99)

Inside is a brilliant piece of art, and a heartbreaker type of story. You play as a boy who is stuck in a nightmare world where a giant spider chases him all the time. All you have to do is solve environmental puzzles and evade flashlights by the oppressive government, and the shadow conspiracy.

There's a reason why this game won many GOTY awards back in 2016. Make sure to add this to your Steam library to find out why it’s such an amazing game.

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