Latest IoT Devices

9 Iot Devices That Can Make Your Home Smarter

How Smart Will You Make Your Home?

Imagine everything in your home being connected to the internet — not just your computer or your smartphone, but your windows, water systems, lights, thermostats, doorbells and appliances. And what if all these devices could communicate, react to your commands and give you information? IoT devices can automate and simplify your life.

This is no longer science fiction but the Internet of Things (IoT), where the latest IoT devices are programmed to make your life easier.

A recent survey has indicated that at least 71% of consumers expect at least one smart device to be found in every home by the year 2025. It makes you wonder whether smart homes could become as commonplace as smartphones within the next decade or two.

The IoT is not a new concept. Work on connected devices has been going on for some time, although they have become more visible lately. All smart devices, including those found in the home, fall under the category of the IoT.

Some of these smart devices are relatively simple and inexpensive whereas others, such as advanced surveillance cameras, are much costlier. Many smart devices have been on the market for quite some time, and others have become available more recently. So what are some of the IoT devices currently on the market and how can they impact your life?

Control Your Energy Consumption

Imagine driving home in the middle of summer, and instead of waiting to turn on the air conditioner when you get home, you simply use your smartphone to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps you control energy consumption with built-in WiFi. Once the thermostat has been installed, you can control temperatures from your PC, phone or tablet. Simply manually adjust the thermostat for a week, and it will program itself so it knows what temperature you like at different times of the day.

Of course, you can still control change the temperature manually if something in your schedule changes. Plus a “leaf” on the display indicates when you are saving energy and you can view your savings in a monthly report on your phone.

The thermostat also has a furnace monitor and geofencing support. This thermostat is pricey, but Nest does have another thermostat with most of the smart features at a lower price.